Frequently Asked Questions


Why wear a billiard glove?

Easy! You don't have to use messy cue powder, your cue stick doesn't collect that sticky gunk, and your billiard table stays looking new longer.

A billiard glove helps my table stay looking new longer?

Absolutely!  Cue powder not only CLINGS to your tabletop cloth, causing  unsightly residue, but  requires constant cleaning, which advances wear. Tables used by players using cue powder require cloth cleaning frequently and cloth replacement often.
The bottom line - Sir Joseph billiard gloves eliminate the need for damaging and messy cue powder


OK. So does it protect my cue as well?

Absolutely! Without the need for powder, you won't get that gunky buildup that requires your cue to be recleaned periodically. You won't get scratches or lose that finish on your custom cue.

So how do you play a good game of billiards without using powder?

By wearing a Sir Joseph billiard glove.

With Sir Joseph's patented even-stroke glove, you  will never need powder.
You are guaranteed a smooth, even stroke EVERY TIME. Plus, there's no more stopping to re-powder the cue when you're on a roll or working on a crucial shot (not to mention finishing the evening with clothes full of powder.
Isn't wearing a billiard glove uncomfortable?

Absolutely NOT! Sir Joseph gloves are long-lasting, comfortable,  and good looking . And they prevent  cue "gunk" and powdery clothes as well. 

Wait a minute. Aren't billiard gloves just a fad?

I don't think so. Just ask professionals
who use billiard gloves, like:

             * Jeannette Lee
             * Julie Mason
             * Earl Strickland
             * Helena Thornfeldt
             * Paul Gerni...and many more

So, order your Sir Joseph gloves today and begin saving money on table maintenance and powder  immediately.

Here's a Sir Joseph player's tip:

There are two things you can learn by stopping your stroke and checking the position of your hands:

(1) how many hands you have, and
(2) if you are wearing your Sir Joseph billiard glove.

Enjoy the game!