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Billiard gloves for all players, men or women, amateurs or professionals

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Sir Joseph is the number 1 provider of billiard gloves in the market today. Sir Joseph billiard gloves are for all billiard players, men or women, amateurs or professionals, and are offered in two popular styles. Get a smooth even stroke everytime with Sir Joseph billiard glove.


























Suggested Retail Price $12.95

Designed and styled personally by Joe Weede, an avid
billiards player, these billiard gloves are made of
flexible and slippery Lycra Spandex. They're comfortable,
long-wearing and available in multiple colors and sizes.

And now Sir Joseph offers 2 unique chalk holders!

No more lost chalk and lost concentration.Your Sir Joseph personal chalk holder will keep chalk by your side and easily accessible. Made of black nylon canvas, the hook and loop strap easily attaches to any belt.


























Suggested Retail Price $6.50 retail

This chalk holder attaches easily to belt or pants and keeps your chalk neatly nearby. It easily extends for quick chalking, and smoothly retracts, ready for the next time you need your chalk. Made of black vinyl, this chalk holder includes an 8-ball insignia, and a replacable cube of Masters chalk .


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